Windows error message "Inaccessable boot device" after installing Ubuntu |

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I person windows Pro installed connected my PC. But aft my relative had installed Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS connected nan aforesaid PC, Windows grounded to footwear showing an correction connection saying "INACCESSABLE BOOT DEVICE". taking into information that:

  • I americium a very caller to Linux and my relative is useless, truthful I cannot get immoderate useful accusation from him astir installation process he went through.
  • Ubuntu is moving fine.
  • I tin entree windows files and information from Ubuntu (I spot only 1 thrust arsenic I conjecture successful different locations)
  • I tried to repair aliases reinstall a caller windows, but nan disk is not recognised by troubeshoot aliases installation wizard.(even diskpart successful command)
  • The difficult disk is recognised successful bios.
  • I person tried pinch unafraid footwear settings successful Bios but didnt work.
  • I loaded default bios settings, nan aforesaid result.
  • My PC is: Tuf gaming Z490-Plus (Wifi), Intel i3 10105 3.7 GHz, Ram 16GB DDR4, Samsung SSD 970 EVO 250GB
    Please thief maine getting my windows back. I americium moreover doesnt mind to get free of Ubuntu.