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I usage Ubuntu 22.04 pinch isc-dhcp-server & bind9 etc. Ipv6 is dropped, Wifi too. I tried to instal docker image (paperless-ngx). First one request to modify nan paperless docker image, because gunicorn won't commencement connected nan correct mapped larboard - changing gunicorn.conf.py successful nan docker image from:

bind = f'{os.getenv("PAPERLESS_BIND_ADDR", "[::]")}:{os.getenv("PAPERLESS_PORT", 8000)}'


bind = f'{os.getenv("PAPERLESS_BIND_ADDR", "")}:{os.getenv("PAPERLESS_PORT", 8000)}'

Then paperless tin beryllium connected arsenic expected. Later, one mentioning, nan CPU going nether stress. I don't cognize why, uninstall paperless and docker (prune docker images and container, uninstall docker). Now, each things good again. On nan adjacent day, one sewage nary net connection, inspecting nan business and saw, nan isc-dhcp-server (and his failover) did'nt work: socket error.

I dont know, what happened, really tin docker destroying DHCP-socket communication?