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I tried to do a dual boot, truthful successful order:

  1. I had Win11 location (no bitlocker) installed connected my first ssd disk
  2. I abnormal accelerated boot, prepared 2nd ssd disk (removed measurement successful triumph disk manager)
  3. Booted kubuntu 22.04.3 from dvd drive
  4. Passed done nan installation wizard selecting nan prepared disk pinch afloat disk encryption
  5. Selected to instal 3rd statement drivers etc and group a SecureBoot password which was mandatory pinch that selection
  6. Finished installation
  7. Did not alteration thing successful bios settings

The consequence is:

  • When turning machine on, nan kubuntu grub shows and I tin prime kubuntu (the default) and windows 11
  • If I prime kubuntu, I request to capable successful FDE credentials
  • If I prime windows it goes consecutive to logging in
  • Both activity fine

To this constituent nan consequence is what I expected, but:

The problem: When I'm connected windows and deed restart, it shuts down, tries to move connected again and hangs everlastingly connected achromatic surface (no grub loaded, nothing).

The only solution is to move disconnected powerfulness manually (hit powerfulness button) and past commencement it manually and it will boot.

I'd for illustration to hole this, but what could beryllium nan problem here? Is this a matter of changing immoderate bios settings aliases immoderate windows features?