What do we know about the distribution of ways children are criminalised by the CMA? | pressku.com

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The UK National Crime Agency has annonced that 1 successful 5 children are being criminalised by nan Computer Misuse Act (CMA). They pass of life changing consequences for nan children involved.

They springiness a fewer example, which look to maine to autumn into 1 of 3 categories which each person very different interpretations:

Serious Crimes

Eg. "downloading package to get entree to personification else’s device" and "engage successful DDoS-ing". These are superior hacking charges. If a ample portion of nan 1 successful 5 children are progressive pinch this benignant of point that is thing that is worthy knowing.

Crimes without nan CMA

Eg. "buying thing utilizing nan saved paper specifications connected personification else’s account. Gamers who make in-game purchases without nan support of nan relationship holder". I deliberation this would beryllium forbidden without nan CMA, astir apt theft aliases fraud. If specified things ever get to criminal convictions I would beryllium amazed if nan CMA charges would beryllium immoderate much than a footnote aft much superior offences. If a ample portion of nan 1 successful 5 is this I would consciousness nan property merchandise is being somewhat disingenuous.

Things that are analyzable for adults to understand

Eg. "trying to entree a protected server". The meaning of unauthorised entree to a server connected nan nationalist internet is difficult. I cannot activity out really to spell from that rule and answers connected law.SE to "am I allowed to entree this crippled server I recovered connected discord/shodan". If a ample portion of nan 1 successful 5 children are being criminalised by this past it seems much accusation could lick nan problem.

Do we cognize thing astir nan distribution of crimes wrong this 1 successful 5 that nan National Crime Agency has announced?