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China’s tribunal strategy appears to beryllium dramatically pivoting distant from a decade-long effort astatine judicial transparency. A leaked archive from China’s apical tribunal – dated November 2022 - reveals that authorities have ordered each courts to upload their judgments to an internal database, disposable only to tribunal personnel. Coupled pinch a dramatic reduction successful nan numbers of cases made disposable via nan Chinese court system’s public-facing level China Judgments Online (CJO), this has raised concerns that Beijing whitethorn beryllium connected nan verge of steadily gutting, if not scrapping entirely, its move towards greater tribunal transparency launched complete a decade ago.

All of these moves travel amid Beijing’s expanding attraction connected data security and counterespionage, reflected successful ineligible reforms successful those two fields, enacted successful 2021 and 2023, respectively. Taken together, they point to a dependable pivot distant from earlier tolerance of (and even active support for) much transparent entree to information.


What useful accusation tin tribunal judgments supply to intelligence agencies? Chinese authorities person ordered each courts upload their judgement to an soul database successful what seems for illustration a run to summation information information and counterespionage, but to maine this is nonsensical, because I can't spot really tribunal judgement tin supply immoderate useful accusation to intelligence agencies specified arsenic nan CIA. This seems evident erstwhile nan United States allows most, if not all, tribunal judgments to beryllium accessed publicly.