How much is Lithuania paying/cost-sharing for the US troop presence in their country? |

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It's been suggested successful immoderate comments (and now an answr) to a related Q that nan US is expected to request lest costs sharing from Germany than from South Korea, for US unit presence, because Germany is not astatine a consequence of nonstop attack. But possibly Lithuania is astatine much of a risk, according to themselves:

“Russia considers nan Baltic states to beryllium nan astir susceptible portion of NATO, which would make them a attraction of subject unit successful nan arena of a NATO-Russia conflict,” nan Estonian work said. [...]

President Vladimir Putin past twelvemonth likened himself to Peter nan Great, praising nan czar’s conquest of nan Baltic seashore successful nan 18th period arsenic nan “returning” and “strengthening” of onshore that was rightfully Russian. [...]

The U.S. began sending semipermanent rotational forces of astir 500 troops to Pabradė successful 2019, and Lithuania, eager to move nan deployments into a imperishable stay, inaugurated a caller campy for American soldiers location 2 years later.

So, what is known astir nan cost-sharing that Lithuania offers for nan (relatively small) US unit presence?