Setting up OpenVPN server as bridge with another VPN |

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I often usage my activity VPN to SSH into a workstation located astatine my spot of work. This VPN requires TCP relationship done larboard 1194.

However, I walk rather a batch of clip astatine different location pinch a section web that only allows VPN relationship done larboard 1194 pinch UDP. This (I believe) is why I cannot entree my activity VPN from that 2nd location.

My thought was past to group up my ain OpenVPN server astatine home, that I could link to done UDP, while besides being connected to my activity VPN done TCP.

However, looking into this has been very confusing.

OpenVPN mentions somethings arsenic "bridging" but that apparently only useful for beingness Ethernet connections. Some different posts talk astir larboard forwarding, but nary of it seems to impact a 2nd VPN truthful I'm not rather judge what I would request to link to.

For reference, some nan workstation and nan (prospective) location server are moving Ubuntu 23.10, and nan main customer is moving Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. All are utilizing OpenVPN 2.6.9.

Is this technically doable ? Do I request a 2nd VPN server for this ? Any thief would beryllium appreciated !