Proxy Ubuntu server startup installation |

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When you instal an ubuntu server it asks: "If this strategy requires a proxy to link to nan internet, participate its specifications here."

I decided to effort throwing successful a random section reside pinch nan default squid larboard of 3128

When it booted, nan proxy reside worked erstwhile I tried apt-get update...(i cognize because it wasnt capable to connect)

My mobility is: I'm not judge wherever to find nan config record for mounting up nan proxy address? I've tried going done and uncovering it successful etc/environment, etc/default/proxy(not a existent point it turns out) and etc/apt. Nothing shows up successful nan config record for 'etc/environment'. 'apt.conf.d/apt.conf' and 'etc/default/proxy' don't exist. So wherever does it shop this reside for nan world proxy?