How can the ECHR judgement on encryption be reconciled with the UK's Online Safety act? |

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The European Court of Human Rights precocious judged against allowing rule enforcement to bypass end-to-end encryption:

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that weakening end-to-end encryption disproportionately risks undermining human rights. The world court's determination could perchance disrupt the European Commission's projected plans to require email and messaging work providers to create backdoors that would let law enforcement to easy decrypt users' messages.

However nan UK precocious walk into rule nan Online Safety Act 2023 which seems to require providers to let nan constabulary to publication encrypted messages:

By acold nan astir divisive clause retired of nan much than 300 pages of the Online Safety Act is Section 122, which has been wide interpreted as compelling companies to scan users’ messages to make judge that they aren’t transmitting forbidden material. That would beryllium incredibly difficult—perhaps moreover impossible—to do without breaking the end-to-end encryption connected platforms specified arsenic WhatsApp and Signal.

The EHCR is not an EU institution, and nan UK did not retreat from it arsenic portion of Brexit, truthful nan judgement does person unit successful nan UK. Is location immoderate measurement these 2 positions tin beryllium reconciled aliases does nan UK now person to amend its law?