Has any government successfully managed intergenerational welfare dependency? | pressku.com

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New Zealand authorities is tightening use benefits astatine nan moment, and that is being vigorously opposed, citing nan consequence of "inter-generational poverty", which made maine deliberation of this:

In nan 21st century, group (including nan poorest) are very good alert of contraception methods and what precisely leads to pregnancy. Thus, it wouldn't beryllium incorrect to opportunity that nan mostly of those who go parents while surviving disconnected benefits, expect arsenic a matter of right that nan nine will provender their offspring excessively (if they did not expect that, they would beryllium overmuch much observant astir becoming parents earlier they go earners). Needless to say, their kids do not get overmuch opportunity to study astir earning. They and their parents are being supported by nan moving society; they study to return it for granted, and past person their representatives declare successful nan Parliament that they "deserve better" — while continuing reproduction.

Has immoderate authorities anyplace successful nan world successfully managed this problem by immoderate intends different than cutting benefits? Like, for example:

  • limiting nan correct to person children (the past illustration of China comes to mind, but AFAIK that was applying to each people, not conscionable those connected benefits)
  • campaigns to promote, motivate and facilitate getting qualifications successful demand, moving and earning vs. putting feet up connected benefits

If not, person location been immoderate governmental movements advocating for that? If they did not person overmuch support, why?