CSC and ONDC join forces to take e-commerce to rural India |

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Feb 14, 2024 | Delhi: Common Services Centers (CSCs), nether nan Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), person joined hands pinch nan Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) to alteration e-commerce entree to agrarian citizens crossed India. This inaugural will alteration nan integration of CSC’s e-Grameen app connected nan ONDC Network arsenic a purchaser application, allowing citizens crossed agrarian India to entree its immense e-commerce Network.

CSC services will go a portion of nan ONDC Network successful 2 phases. In nan first phase, it will beryllium onboarded arsenic a buyer-side platform, allowing citizens visiting CSC to spot orders for essentials via nan e-Grameen app. With complete 4 lakh CSC points crossed India, this will alteration millions of caller users to entree e-commerce, done their trusted vicinity CSC.

In nan 2nd phase, sellers registered connected nan CSC level will beryllium capable to person orders via ONDC Network. This will boost entrepreneurship opportunities and incomes for village-level entrepreneurs, driving nan imagination of Gram Swaraj.

T. Koshy, MD & CEO, ONDC, said, “We are delighted to spot Common Service Centers connected nan ONDC Network, heralding a caller section that empowers section entrepreneurship. Through nan trusted and wide web of CSCs, millions of citizens will now person entree to basal e-commerce services. Together, we dream to pat into nan entrepreneurial committedness of village-level entrepreneurs to boost agrarian incomes aligned pinch nan Atmanirbhar Bharat vision.”

Sanjay Kumar Rakesh, MD & CEO, CSC SPV, explained this narration by stating that, “Rural India is accelerated transforming owed to integer empowerment. Now, e-commerce services will beryllium capable to scope isolated agrarian areas acknowledgment to this narration pinch ONDC. This business will create a caller activity of opportunities to summation e‑retail penetration to its maximum imaginable successful agrarian India. This will pave nan measurement for inclusive improvement successful nan far-flung areas of nan country.”

The arena was live-streamed to each Common Service Centers crossed nan state via Facebook, ensuring wide accessibility and participation.

CSC and ONDC subordinate forces to return e commerce to agrarian India

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