ACT Fibernet Announces the Relaunch of its Mobile app

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India, 7th February 2024: ACT Fibernet, successful nan broadband and integer services industry, is happy to denote nan relaunch of its mobile app pinch groundbreaking features that redefine nan customer acquisition successful nan industry. Committed to valuing its customers’ clip and delivering seamless solutions to internet-related queries, ACT Fibernet has introduced nan ACT Super App, designed to supply quick, easy, and accessible solutions astatine nan fingertips of its users.

Keeping up pinch nan changing technologies and description successful nan personification base, nan broadband marque has wholly revamped nan mobile app. The caller mobile app has been designed and launched aft undertaking extended investigation and feedback from users to understand nan scope of improvement. The ACT Super App has a different look and feel, making it easier for users to salary bills and raise tickets, way accounts, group reminders, chat pinch customer care, upgrade plans, etc.

With industry-first features, nan ACT Super App sets a caller modular for convenience, efficiency, and invention successful customer service. A fewer cardinal features of nan app see instant query resolution, wherever users tin now bask real-time solutions to their internet-related queries done self-help contented for illustration videos and FAQ conception connected nan app, ensuring a swift and hassle-free experience. They tin besides now easy show their data, speed, and nan number of devices connected to nan Wi-Fi done nan analyzer. They tin group measure reminders, subscribe and unsubscribe to value-added services etc. Other unsocial features that make nan app easy to usage see dark/light mode and font adjustments.

Mr. Ravi Karthik, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer astatine ACT Fibernet, expressed his enthusiasm for nan relaunch, and said, “At ACT Fibernet, we purpose to present superior customer acquisition crossed each our relationship points. Our revamped app, is on nan aforesaid lines, providing simplified UI, and importantly enhanced features connected relationship guidance and self-care that purpose to make customer’s life simpler and much convenient. With this, I americium judge that our customers will consciousness nan ACT advantage and adopt nan caller app quickly.”

As portion of nan relaunch, nan broadband institution is besides launching a nationwide run to raise consciousness astir nan caller Super App. Its trading efforts see reaching retired to nan audiences done different channels for illustration email, SMS, and WhatsApp. ACT Fibernet will besides merchandise videos and creatives connected its societal media astir nan latest updates successful nan app. To maximize its visibility connected nan app shop and amended conversion complaint to make nan maximum measurement of integrated downloads, nan relaunch run will besides comprise caller contented related to updates connected nan app store.

ACT Fibernet Announces nan Relaunch of its Mobile app

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