Can't boot into Ubuntu OS after transferring large amounts of data from NAS to DAS |

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I'm reasonably caller to Linux, truthful I don't cognize that much. I precocious bought a 32 TB DAS strategy and hooked it up to a mini PC which I installed Ubuntu on. I antecedently utilized a Synology NAS to shop each my data, but that was getting slow. I transferred astir 4.5 TB of information from my NAS to my DAS. After transferring nan information my Ubuntu machine notified maine that it had nary abstraction near and to quiet nan trash. I thought that was weird since nary of nan information connected my NAS should person gone onto nan SSD connected my Ubuntu computer. It each should person gone to my DAS. However, I emptied nan trash to my machine which was oddly very full. After emptying my trash, my machine still said nan disk was full, truthful I decided to restart my machine to spot if that fixed nan problem. However, aft restarting my machine I was met pinch a surface that said: "VMX (outside TXT) abnormal by BIOS [and] SGX abnormal by BIOS." You tin spot that successful nan first screenshot. After doing a spot of googling, I enabled SGX and VMX, but still ran successful nan different correction that said: "/dev/nvme0n1p2: clean, 240439/15597568 files, 62147712/62383360 blocks". You tin spot that successful nan 2nd screenshot. I besides tried starting gdm3 and reinstalling Ubuntu desktop. Neither of which worked. What do I request to do to hole this? I'm truthful confused. How is my disk afloat if I didn't transcript thing to it?

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