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My mobility is asking if anyone successful nan organization either agrees pinch this logic and aliases knows of investigation into akin problems. I person chosen random times to effort and 'paint nan picture'.

Imagine an definitive move exemplary successful FEA of a elemental geometry, this geometry is constrained appropriately and has a ample unit applied to a aboveground truthful that it is expected to scope its UTS and past fracture astatine astir 1e-4 seconds. The mobility is, what does this worldly look for illustration astatine 1.1e-4 seconds?

It is improbable that nan worldly is 'disorganised' into fragmentations by this time, but alternatively connected its measurement to that state. I do judge that successful immoderate investigation situations, this would beryllium a useful mobility and truthful it does matter what nan geometry looks for illustration astatine this adjacent constituent successful time, moreover if nonaccomplishment has already occurred and complete demolition is inevitable.

From my ain research, I judge that to exemplary akin situations for illustration this accurately nan FEA exemplary whitethorn person to tally for months to relationship for nan incredibly mini mesh size required connected nan geometry. A mini mesh size is utilized to debar issues pinch nan precocious activity speeds that origin these almost instantaneous and precocious forces to deform geometry.

I cannot find investigation that looks astatine akin problems, truthful immoderate opinions aliases hints astir applicable investigation would beryllium great. Thanks.