How to Design System for Resonating Tuning Forks from Base |

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I person seen videos for illustration this wherever 2 tuning forks pinch matched frequencies are attached to resonant chambers and nan sound from 1 fork tin beryllium utilized to resonate nan different fork.

I americium willing successful building a strategy wherever a tuning fork tin beryllium resonated automatically utilizing a transducer vibrating nan enclosure astatine a matched frequency.

My first prototype hasn't been successful, but it seems for illustration this should activity connected nan aforesaid rule of sympathetic vibration.

I build a woody guidelines and bolted successful a tuning fork. I americium utilizing a aboveground equine transducer playing a matched sine activity from a awesome generator done a people D amplifier. So acold I person not been capable to get nan fork to move aliases vibrate.

What factors should I beryllium looking astatine to get this to work?

Here's a image of my setup:

enter image explanation here