Vulkan (Hardware) Path Tracing Formulation |

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I've been implementing a way tracer successful Vulkan utilizing nan VK_ray_tracing hold and americium a spot confused connected really to group up nan pipeline. Currently I've been pursuing nan style of nan Reference Path Tracer successful Chapter 14 of Ray Tracing Gems II. Basically, having nan raygen beryllium an uber shader that does each of nan iterative ray bounces and worldly calculations.

I've besides heard of utilizing a wavefront ray tracing attack for handling nan different shader stages successful hopes of getting amended utilization.

In position of implementing a way tracer, which attack is amended from a capacity perspective? Does nan setup of VK_ray_tracing pinch hardware ray tracing invalidate nan request for manually formulating nan pathtracing successful a wavefront mode aliases could it still use from that setup complete a "naive" uber shader approach.