Create a tight frustum around a 3D model bounding volume |

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Tight frustum

I intend to create a tight frustum astir a 3D model:

Frustum schematics

I person these variables:

  • Inputs:
    • 3D exemplary bounding container aliases bounding sphere aliases bounding volume.
  • To beryllium determined:
    • Eye region and location.
    • Up vector.
    • Vertical section of position successful degrees.
    • Near plane.
    • Far plane.
    • ...?


How tin I find my variables truthful that nan frustum would beryllium tightly surrounding nan 3D model? I'm looking for immoderate approaches, algorithms, aliases moreover keywords and terminology.

Looks for illustration location is Frustum Culling attack to fig retired if a bounding Volume is On a frustum. But what I want is benignant of reverse of that. I want to create a tight frustum astir a bounding volume. I'd admit immoderate hint aliases help.