Pressure drop in air flowing through an array of tubes

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I person a tube pinch ID=75 mm interrupted pinch an array of N=121 tubes (as shown successful nan drawing), forcing nan aerial to travel wrong nan tubes (ID of each conduit is 2mm) spaced isolated by 5mm. Length of tubes is 50mm. How do I estimate nan unit driblet for nan outcoming air? If location is simply a achromatic insubstantial connected this, I would admit a reference! My exertion would use from maximizing nan N of tubes and reducing their IDs, but I request to cognize erstwhile to extremity (i.e. erstwhile nan aerial unit driblet becomes impractical).

I americium alert of this thread which treats a different configuration (cross-flow astir nan tubes):

Method for computing nan unit driblet crossed a slope of tubes enter image explanation here