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I americium trying to build my ain gaming handheld. I chose a parallel RGB LCD (Samsung LTP500GV-F01). Using a boost converter by TI (TPS61085) I was capable to make each basal voltages. (I cognize there's plentifulness of single-voltage-ready-to-use displays connected nan marketplace but pinch each azygous LCD I had thing to kick about.)

However nan LCD's datasheet states to supply VGH aft VGL. I understand this is basal to forestall a latch-up and frankincense perchance burning nan drivers. Attaching a capacitor to VGH, I was capable to hold nan build-up of VGH to a capable extend. The show is moving fine.

Now, nan datasheet besides states to disable VGL last. Please spot powerfulness down floor plan beneath (although I deliberation it mightiness beryllium expected to opportunity ">5ms").

And now my question: Will it apt beryllium harmful to SHUT DOWN each voltages astatine nan aforesaid clip (I don't attraction astir a visible discharge shape connected nan screen) aliases VGH mightiness moreover unopen down past owed to nan capacitor attached?

Any input highly appreciated and acknowledgment successful advance!

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