Is it better to blog or make side projects?

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I'm a programmer and I person a twelvemonth of acquisition successful building mini projects for clients. I've ever tried to springiness my 100% connected customer projects and galore times deed nan GitHub codespaces monthly free usage limit.

But I find it difficult to perpetrate to my ain broadside projects. I commencement pinch tons of information but yet it dies retired and starts to consciousness for illustration a grind owed to nan deficiency of costs and I ne'er extremity up finishing it. I've sewage a beautiful quiet portfolio because of this and I presently person to dangle connected connection of rima for getting clients.

I'm reasoning of starting a blog wherever I tin conscionable talk astir thing tech related connected my mind. Or I could station astir circumstantial problems and how I recovered their solutions.

I consciousness for illustration clients would beryllium willing successful seeing really my thought process for programming functions and will beryllium impressed by my posts. I study a batch from different people's ain blogs truthful this would besides beryllium a measurement for maine to springiness backmost to nan community.

But I don't cognize if this would beryllium capable to person clients that I tin really decorativeness what they salary maine to code.