How to end a contract after just a year, on good terms? |

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I near a good paying part-time ecommerce occupation to return up a statement coaching occupation pinch ambiguous salary structure, astatine a clip erstwhile I wasn't reasoning consecutive arsenic I was willing successful nan section and it felt for illustration a bully nickname wrong nan community.

I've since decided, aft a twelvemonth there, that I'm not willing successful this job, it's excessively draining emotionally and I'm spending a batch much clip than they're paying maine for. It borders connected unfair activity practices & doesn't guarantee maine immoderate activity contempt asking maine to group speech 20 hrs for them - I get paid per occupation and it's ambiguous erstwhile I mightiness get a job.

Question - Is it douchy to time off a statement aft conscionable a year?

Question - What logic tin I springiness them to exit nan statement arsenic professionally arsenic possible, fixed that I mightiness beryllium portion of nan wider organization and transverse paths successful nan future. I'm searching for a afloat clip occupation and want to time off this arsenic soon arsenic that happens.

Question - if they inquire for feedback, really do I realistically reply without sharing my issues? I don't want to talk it pinch them.