Hugin Panorama: force-align all images to one wide shot for a super-res mosaic?

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Anybody person acquisition stitching panoramas pinch Hugin (or different software)?

My Situation

I person 1 "master" wide changeable that shows everything (horiz. FOV ≈ 105°), and a bunch of tighter-zoom images that show item (horiz. FOV ≈ 34°). All images are 4096 x 2176 pixels.

I want to stitch them each together into 1 super-resolution photograph mosaic. The last image should show everything that's successful nan wide shot, but person each nan item from nan tight shots.

This thumbnail grouping should springiness you a unsmooth thought of things (wide changeable connected nan left): Thumbnails of each my images

Basically I want 1 full-view image for illustration nan wide shot, but pinch nan solution of nan tight shots.

Comparing solution betwixt wide and tight shots

What's Going Wrong

I've been trying to usage Hugin. It wants to dainty each images pinch adjacent importance, but nan alignment betwixt nan tighter shots is conscionable ne'er cleanable capable and ever comes retired pinch disfigured seams.

example 1 example 2 example 3
Seam 1 Seam 2 Seam 3

I cognize nan information is there. If I could dainty nan wide changeable arsenic nan cleanable standard, and align each tight changeable against it while ignoring nan others, past theoretically nan alignment would beryllium cleanable astatine slightest to wrong nan solution of nan wide shot. (I don't attraction whether nan last image is re-projected aliases retains nan wide shot's projection, arsenic agelong arsenic it looks earthy and cohesive.)

Things I've Tried

Weird Hugin Setup

I tried removing each power points betwixt pairs of tight shots, leaving only power points tying everything to nan wide shot.

This whitethorn person mildly improved things, but nary matter what I can't look to person Hugin to dainty a azygous image (the wide shot) arsenic "gospel truth" for alignment purposes.

I deliberation possibly 1 of 2 things is wrong. Either:

  1. There's still excessively overmuch cross-influence among nan tight shots, or
  2. Maybe Hugin is unwilling to arbitrarily deform nan tight shots to lucifer their power points to nan wide shot. Maybe it's conscionable doing a re-projection calculation, feathering nan seams, and calling it a day?

I'm presently reasoning that I request to arbitrarily deform nan tight shots for optimal adherence astatine each nan power points, and conscionable interpolate betwixt them. But I don't cognize what package (if any) tin do that.

I could walk a period and constitute my own, but ... I person a life. 😢

Gimp Cage Tool

I'm not acrophobic of symptom aliases tedium, if nan extremity consequence is good. I really tried opening each nan earthy images successful Gimp and utilizing its Cage tool, but it was truthful hopelessly sloppy that I gave up aft "aligning" conscionable 1 image.


As I'm judge you tin tell, these are video crippled screenshots alternatively of existent photos. There's a batch of repeating textures and areas of level colour that are messing things up a little.

However, location are advantages too:

  • Perfect rotation astir parallax constituent / nary camera translation.
  • No different activity aliases alteration successful nan scene.
  • Perfect mathematical lens (no defects aliases aberration, etc.)

I was really pushing my GPU getting these screenshots. I had to hold respective minutes for each nan scenery to load, and I was getting <1 fps (especially if I turned nan camera excessively much).

All that to say, I'm not really judge if it's feasible to group my crippled model to 10,000 pixels and retake this arsenic a azygous screenshot ... whereas I consciousness judge there's a measurement to stitch this arsenic a mosaic.

Any thoughts aliases thief would beryllium very overmuch appreciated!