How to charge and declare vat to a company in EU

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I activity a afloat clip occupation successful nan UK arsenic a package developer. I've been asked by a friend who has a publishing location successful Greece to do a translator for her. It'll beryllium a 1 disconnected and costs astir £1000 (money I will gain without a vat consideration).

Do I request to complaint for vat connected apical of that and past state it to HMRC?

I publication connected nan website that location is simply a period of £1000 for which I don't request to capable retired a aforesaid appraisal taxation return. Also, different period for £12,500 nether which I don't person to registry for VAT.

I'm not judge I'm knowing correctly nan exemptions for my lawsuit arsenic an individual successful nan UK providing a translator work for a business successful EU.

Translation services websites look to propose that nan vat complaint should hap successful nan state wherever nan user is based. Is it a lawsuit past wherever I simply mention nan work is liable to a reverse vat aliases do I simply create an invoice that doesn't see immoderate mention to VAT?