How to calculate a rate increase based on inflation?

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I person a agelong word narration pinch a customer who has been bully to maine (and for whom I person go a trusted resource). However, I americium billing them astatine a complaint that was group astatine nan opening of 2021. I americium astir to participate into discussions astir expanding my complaint for nan commencement of 2024. At nan very slightest I want to compensate for ostentation since nan opening of 2021, but aft googling a bunch of ostentation calculators I americium very confused (or possibly I conscionable don't spot them - 1 of them suggested a 63% increase).

So based connected (for example) a $100/hr complaint aft January 1st, 2021, what would beryllium an ostentation adjusted complaint for nan opening of 2024?

I'm specifically willing successful ostentation successful nan US, but I'd beryllium happy pinch a wide solution which allows maine to plug successful wide ostentation values.