How much extra energy is needed to operate a large scale BESS? |

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I americium not asking astir nan power that is really stored wrong nan BESS, aliases nan percent that tin beryllium recovered from it. Neither americium I asking astir nan ratio of inverters, aliases transmission losses.

I'm willing successful nan magnitude of power that is additionally needed to run nan system, for illustration for cooling. Any exertion welcome!

I've recovered nan pursuing accusation online:

A 1.5 MWh lithium artillery for investigation built to minimise cooling requirements, pinch a claimed mean cooling request of 120 W:

An article and advertisement by a institution that builds artillery enclosures, claiming that lithium BESS nutrient astir 1% to 2% of charged / discharged powerfulness arsenic discarded heat. As an example, a 1 MWh artillery being discharged astatine 250 kW is claimed to nutrient astir 5 kW of heat:

This mobility was prompted by a workfellow who mentioned that a circumstantial lithium BESS pinch a capacity of 20 MWh located successful Central Europe would successful February discharge astatine a complaint of astir 250 kW to proviso powerfulness for its ain cooling moreover erstwhile not doing thing else.

Given nan supra numbers, these 250 kW look excessive.