How important is a prompt reply in the freelance world?

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When I americium really overloaded pinch work, I don't person clip to reply to caller client's requests connected estimations (how overmuch will it cost, tin you do these addons,...) arsenic I simply cannot ore to nutrient a value reply.

Often it takes up to 2 days earlier I reply them. And moreover aft 2 days, I whitethorn reply by informing them that I americium overloaded and that I will make a value reply adjacent week. No 1 has ever complained truthful far, but it does not mean that they did not person objections.

Now, what do you deliberation of this? Am I being excessively rude aliases unprofessional?

Shall I conscionable person a condemnation which I tin paste which tells them that I will reply asap aliases adjacent week? I dislike machine-type replies.