Freelancing in Germany: Selling concert tickets

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I americium a freelance musician who conscionable moved to Germany. I person been giving concerts and preparing invoices for nan venues aliases statement companies.

Recently we made a doorway woody pinch a venue, and they asked maine to grip nan doorway operation, truthful I utilized eventbrite for trading nan tickets to my audience. However past I publication location that I whitethorn request a waste and acquisition licence for organizing my ain concerts/sell goods.

I americium a small spot confused since I did not waste immoderate goods, I provided work (performance) for nan ones who paid. I did not shape nan performance per se. I sewage my fee, that I usually get from nan venue, from nan summons sales.

But from different constituent of position I sold tickets -are they considered arsenic goods?

I could not find immoderate circumstantial connection connected this subject, nan accusation I recovered was varied and confusing. How should I proceed connected this matter? If utilizing Eventbrite is simply a mistake, do you deliberation location is different measurement to make group salary for nan performance -should it beryllium a donation?

Thank you successful advance.