Degree for Computer Graphics : Computer Science or Mathematics? |

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I want to study graphics connected a little level but I person nary hint wherever to start.

I cognize that I will request immoderate difficult mathematics (linear algebra, vectors, matrices, transformations...) rooted wrong my head. Would it beryllium a viable and amended pathway to prosecute a grade successful mathematics alternatively than 1 successful machine subject ? and effort to someway harvester this pinch nan rendering programming portion (c++, shaders, geometry, pixels, framework buffers, image processing...) ?

I wanted to study really to make nan information to tie utilizing algorithms without accessing a video paper aliases API. I deliberation you besides request to study immoderate assembly for this ?

Basically, I want to study nan circumstantial mathematics and algorithms for Computer Graphics and commencement from these foundations. Which grade would beryllium a amended action to commencement a profession successful Computer Graphics ?