Counterweight requirement and platform design for motorised speaker stand stability |

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I precocious bought my dream speakers (Dutch & Dutch 8c), but astatine nan costs of having to sphere a minimalist interior for nan liking of family peace. To that effect, I scheme to conception motorised speaker stands that will let maine to hide nan speakers wrong 2 stools (illustration attached). enter image explanation here 2 main questions please:

A. In nan pursuing configuration what weight will I require astatine nan guidelines successful bid to support stability:

Individual speaker weight: 24kg (+ immoderate nan equine it's attached to will measurement - spot mobility 2).

Speaker dimensions: 48.5h x 27w x 38 d

Lift file width: 6cm, presume spread betwixt assistance file and speaker whitethorn beryllium astir 2cm aliases less

Column min tallness = 52cm, changeable = 66cm truthful guidelines of speaker whitethorn assistance up to 66cm from nan crushed (though apt only needs to beryllium 49cm).

The weighted guidelines will beryllium underneath nan speaker and not to nan different broadside of nan motorised assistance file (due to abstraction constraints successful this scheme I can't person nan counterweight connected nan different broadside of nan column)

Lift file I'll apt use:

no weight listed unfortunately

B. I request to create a bracket that connects to nan apical of nan column, and nan bottommost of nan speaker. enter image explanation here

What thickness alloy aliases different worldly would I request to usage to stably support nan speaker weight of 24kg without immoderate deformation, and ideally minimising vibration/ resonance.

How will nan weight impact nan calculation above?

Is azygous sided support capable pinch a sturdy support?

Design constraints: enter image explanation here

  • Height to bottommost of array 73cm - There is simply a array that is some little than nan required tallness of nan speaker erstwhile extended, and limits nan max tallness of nan file if nan file is to beryllium placed beneath nan array and not connected nan different broadside of nan speaker.

  • The stool tallness should beryllium kept arsenic debased arsenic imaginable - a assistance file pinch retracted tallness of 518mm is nan champion I could find.

  • The stool should jot retired arsenic small arsenic imaginable from nan array perimeter - this is of people constrained by nan speaker width, but besides by nan file and immoderate basal gap. I've accounted for 8-12cm successful summation to speaker width covering a 2-4cm spread + file width of 6cm + thickness of stool, ideally I'd get this lower.


  1. Find way linear actuators that can: a. support nan speaker weight, b. adhd minimal tallness betwixt nan way and guidelines (so they don't adhd tallness to nan stool) - present I've seen actuators that person nan centrifugal parallel to nan rail, but their assistance capacities aliases sizes are not suitable.

In this script I could connect 1 actuator connected each broadside of nan stool, if I tin coordinate their action.

Overall this could beryllium nan astir elegant solution, but whitethorn beryllium beyond my capabilities to instrumentality if location isn't a comparatively put together solution

  1. Use a tatami electrical lifting file and fresh it truthful it rises beneath nan table, alternatively than connected nan outer broadside of nan speaker.

I could get distant pinch a changeable tallness of 43cm (minimum tallness required for nan speaker driver to clear nan stool), but not judge it's perfect without afloat speaker clearance of nan stool.

Thank you!!