Converting values from Tensile Strength tester to newton's |

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I person a Tensile Strength tester from TMI (model 84-76).

I americium getting information from this instrumentality complete nan serial port. I don't understand what nan values are that it is streaming during nan test. I do cognize nan pursuing values:

max worth recovered is S1098. 111.935 was max Newton's.

111.935 = max N value

25.00 = sample width

25.40 = sample length

A sample of nan information watercourse is arsenic follows: S1086.288;S1086.288;S1087.288;S1084.288;S1085.288;S1087.289;S1086.289;S1086.290;S1085.290;S1081.290;S1084.291;S1084.291;S1084.292;S1084.292

The 2nd number aft nan decimal is nan progression number.

So, nan instrumentality calculated a max newton worth of 111.935 newton's. I presume nan numbers pursuing nan 'S' are a guidelines number that tin past beryllium utilized to correspond nan unit connected a graph. The trial velocity is 280mm/min. I'm not an technologist by waste and acquisition and activity successful a people shop truthful please effort to beryllium bully arsenic I recognize this mobility whitethorn beryllium dumb but person tally retired of places to look. Any assistance to thief maine understand really to person this would beryllium greatly appreciated. I want to build my ain chart utilizing this output data.