Can type flowcharts be programmed?

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I made this flowchart pinch

enter image explanation here

It was nan first floor plan I made truthful it took maine a while to make it. I request to beryllium capable to dynamically make variations of this sketch programmatically. I wold request to do things for illustration alteration nan colours of nan quality shapes, alteration nan matter and colours of nan boxes. And nan trickiest portion I deliberation would beryllium adding much children aliases little children. I want to make it imaginable to make diagrams that tin person up to 10 children.

The only image programming I person ever done was pinch PHP GD library, I person don't moreover cognize what modern graphics experts usage for programmatically generating images. I person publication astir vector images that are programmed, and I publication a small spot astir HTML5 canvas.

The javascript flowchar and sketch creation frameworks look very complicated. If I recovered 1 pinch this peculiar type of flowchart arsenic a template I could usage it, but it would still beryllium difficult. The astir perfect script would beryllium if I usage a ocular builder programme for illustration to build a template, and it would output nan earthy codification that I could past person usability for generating these charts dynamically.

Does anyone cognize really this tin beryllium done? There are really tons of diagrams I request to beryllium capable to make programatically, for illustration metabolic pathways: enter image explanation here

What would beryllium nan champion measurement of going astir generating these kinds of diagrams programatically? The first 1 would go a awesome instrumentality for learning astir genetics if I tin do this. Any penetration would beryllium overmuch appreciated.