Can changing the topology of surface water initially hits change how much it splashes? |

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I americium designing a crude chimney to provender into a portable dishwasher. I was not allowed to connect to h2o lines truthful I americium stuck pinch pouring 1.5 ample pitchers of h2o into it. I americium designing a chimney to thief make that easier and quicker. One point I realized I didnt cognize is if I should play pinch nan topology to minimize splash.

I americium trying to make a conception wherever nan h2o initially hits earlier going into nan funnel.

If I were pouring a marble aliases for that matter pouring a laminar watercourse of h2o I tin logic astir what topology would make nan h2o bounce much to nan sides than out. However my pitcher of h2o acts thing for illustration that.

So nan mobility is essentially: could I creation a macro sized aboveground that a crude 3D printer could people that could beryllium utilized successful liu of a level aliases somewhat slanted level aboveground to minimize aliases astatine each alteration scatter from nan pitcher pouring into it? How heavy should nan aboveground indentations be? How spaced apart?

Keeping successful mind. If I were capable to make opportunity triangles 1" precocious successful liu of a level aboveground I could besides conscionable move said level aboveground down 1" and person higher walls.

Crude sketch of immoderate options I was considering