Calculate volume of compressed air tank given several variables |

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For context, I've started drafting an thought for a submarine simulator game, and I want to make arsenic realistic arsenic possible; but this evidently requires doing a batch of mathematics that I'm unfamiliar with. I've decided this submarine will person 2 ballast tanks, each pinch a measurement of 2000 liters, and now I'm trying to fig retired nan compressed aerial tanks; really large should they be, and astatine what unit should they beryllium at? For instance, let's opportunity my submarine will person a compressed aerial vessel holding x cubic feet of aerial astatine 3000 psi releases 50% its aerial proviso into 1 of nan 2000 liter ballast vessel wholly afloat of seawater. If nan ballast vessel is only half afloat of seawater aft nan process, what is x? I'll presume nan somesthesia is changeless passim nan process to not complicate things excessively much. I've conscionable started precalculus truthful I'm not judge really I'd moreover statesman to cipher thing for illustration this; I've consulted a fewer different generative AI programs for illustration chatgpt and google gemini, but they springiness different wildly different answers each clip I inquire nan aforesaid question. Could anyone locomotion maine done solving a problem for illustration this?