Calculate the max speed at which a submarine rises/dives + acceleration |

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I'm trying to fig retired really I would cipher nan complaint astatine which a submarine (or immoderate object) ascends aliases descends successful seawater fixed a definite buoyancy aliases alteration successful buoyancy. For example, if my submarine is 2000 feet beneath oversea level and weighs 393 metric tons (with quiet ballast tanks) and displaces 13,583 cubic feet of water, what's nan maximum complaint it will emergence to nan aboveground (assuming it tin scope that complaint earlier breaking nan surface) and it's acceleration/deceleration to that rate? I'd for illustration to cognize if there's a reliable and meticulous measurement to lick a problem for illustration this that takes into relationship factors for illustration nan alteration successful oversea h2o unit and density pinch depth, arsenic good arsenic nan summation successful h2o guidance against nan submarine arsenic it accelerates upward.