asset management - inventory and tagging

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I americium needing a fewer quotes connected a clip estimate of manually tagging (stickers) and signaling attributes of each fixed assets successful an open, engaged market store.

Client is refusing to salary because it wasn't completed wrong 5 hours. Tech was fixed an excel spreadsheet and told to manually tag each plus successful nan shop and grounds nan pursuing attributes:
Tag #
Tagged Date
Tagged By
Device Name
Device Type (Dropdown)
Area (Dropdown)
Role (Dropdown)
Status (Dropdown)
Serial Num

Can anyone thief maine out? This is approx 250 assets - almost each of which are successful usage astatine nan clip of inventory. A mid-size shop successful a metropolis of 60k ppl.

Client came up pinch 5 hours - # of assets was chartless anterior to project.

Thanks truthful overmuch for your encephalon power!