Advice on Implementing View-Dependent LOD and Progressive Rendering for Real-Time Visualization

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I'm moving connected a task that involves real-time visualization of ample datasets to create elaborate surfaces from heightmap representations. As I'm comparatively caller to nan section of real-time rendering, I'm exploring techniques to amended capacity and responsiveness, peculiarly focusing connected view-dependent Level of Detail (LOD) and progressive rendering strategies, but I americium a spot overwhelmed astatine nan moment. I americium presently utilizing webgl and a server-client infrastructure.

The extremity is to execute smoother interactions (rotating and zooming) and faster load times by dynamically adjusting nan mesh complexity based connected nan viewer's position and incrementally refining nan visualization. I'm unfastened to different suggestions that could heighten nan visualization capacity arsenic well.

I'm presently seeking resources, guides, aliases immoderate shape of lit that could thief maine understand and instrumentality these techniques, aliases wide champion practices. If you person acquisition pinch these techniques aliases cognize of immoderate resources that could assistance personification caller to nan field, I would greatly admit your guidance.

Thank you!