0Deformation/Compression of Mild Steel for Compressor Blades

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I americium successful nan process of constructing a linear compressor for nan propulsion strategy of a mini UAV. To manufacture nan compressor blades and springiness them their required airfoil shape, I intend to first milling pieces of mild alloy (1/8 x 3/4 x 2 inches) into a semi-airfoil shape. Then power them to nan due somesthesia required for deformation of nan alloy earlier placing them into a property dice to beryllium compressed into blades pinch a existent airfoil shape, pinch nan basal twist and crook added during nan compression stage.

To my understanding, an business method of creating compressor blades is to power mini tungsten cylinders to 900°C and past compressed them astatine 2000 metric tons to springiness them their required shape. However, I do not deliberation that nan process I outlined supra will require a akin unit and temperature. Hence, my mobility is what scope of somesthesia and unit would beryllium basal to execute this process? And, possibly I should first inquire if this process is moreover imaginable utilizing a 50 ton property and a hobby-sized ferrier furnace tin of reaching 1100°C?

I should adhd that location will beryllium nary combustor utilized successful this propulsion system, truthful astir of nan power entering nan strategy will travel from compression of nan air. Normally, inlet and outlet aerial temperatures of a compressor tin scope a quality of 300°C to 600°C (to my knowledge); however, I do not expect specified precocious somesthesia differences successful nan compressor I americium building. Absent meticulous mathematical calculations arsenic to expected temperatures, I would, astatine present, estimate a somesthesia summation of ~100° betwixt inlet and outlet. This is based upon simplistic calculations I person performed comparing nan rotational velocity of nan rotor and measurement of aerial travel of nan compressor I americium building pinch those of normal-sized compressors utilized successful pitchy engines.

Moreover, fixed nan enhanced aerial travel produced by nan airfoil shape, I would beryllium reluctant to wantonness it for nan liking of a simpler creation and easier method of leaf manufacture.

I would admit immoderate each accusation you could supply to maine connected this taxable and convey you for your clip and assistance.

P.S. - anyone felling compelled to demean immoderate facet of my task pinch specified descriptive words arsenic "junkie" aliases different akin pejorative adjectives aliases phrases request not reply.