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Firstly, I appologise if this has been answered already (I could not find thing connected this topic) aliases if it is thing simple, I americium not very adept astatine Linux.

I request thief - I americium utilizing a laptop pinch an intel iGPU and nvidia dGPU (MSI GF65). I precocious switched from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04 by doing a caller install. I americium noticing a problem erstwhile gaming - moving immoderate crippled connected nan Nvidia GPU results successful unspeakable capacity pinch GPU utilization being very debased and 1 CPU halfway maxed out, while nan others are almost idle. Running nan aforesaid apps connected nan iGPU produces nary specified problem.

Another problem I americium noticing is that outer displays do not work. The show output of nan laptop is connected to nan dGPU straight alternatively of going done nan iGPU, meaning its thing to do pinch Nvidia.

These problems appears only pinch Xorg, not Wayland desktop environments. By not rubbing thing and simply switching to Wayland, outer displays activity and gaming connected nan Nvidia GPU useful arsenic intended. With Ubuntu 20.04 I had nary specified problems. I do person nan CUDA toolkit installed for usage pinch Tensorflow, but without its driver (works pinch nan distribution drivers). I besides had it installed pinch Ubuntu 20.04, wherever I did not person these issues.

I've tried nan pursuing successful Xorg:

  1. Different drivers (525, 530, 535, 545)
  2. Purging each Nvidia drivers and installing nan recommended 1 (535)
  3. Switching premier profiles betwixt "on-demand" and "nvidia" yields nary alteration successful behavior, behaves arsenic if its "on-demand".
  4. Generating an Xorg config record from Nvidia prevents each Xorg desktop environments from being selectable. I americium capable to usage only Wayland. Using wayland successful this measurement forces each rendering to beryllium done connected nan Nvidia GPU, which is unspeakable for artillery efficiency.
  5. Generating Xorg config record pinch "Xorg -configure" results successful error: "Number of created screens does not lucifer number of detected devices"
  6. Using a different desktop situation (Cinnamon) - aforesaid problems.