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The latest ubuntu pro AMI successful eu-central-1 has an unsupported Kernel which has reached nan extremity of its livepatch support.

Which AMI should I usage to commencement a recent, moving LTS 22.04 Pro Ubuntu, and really do I find it?

What I Did

I effort to rotation up a Ubuntu Pro 22.04 connected AWS. Based on

aws ec2 describe-images --region eu-central-1 --owner 099720109477 \ --filters "Name=name,Values=ubuntu-pro-server/images/hvm-ssd/ubuntu-*22.04-amd64*" \ --query 'sort_by(Images, &CreationDate)[-1].{Name: Name, ImageId: ImageId, CreationDate: CreationDate}'

I person choosen nan pursuing AMI:

{ "Name": "ubuntu-pro-server/images/hvm-ssd/ubuntu-jammy-22.04-amd64-pro-server-20240207", "ImageId": "ami-0b251af482d61fa8e", "CreationDate": "2024-02-07T04:14:19.000Z" }

AND started an lawsuit from it. After login I see:

*** System restart required. Kernel is nary longer supported ***

Also pro position warns me:

The existent kernel (6.2.0-1018-aws, x86_64) has reached nan extremity of its livepatch support.

A reboot does not hole this.

Given this AMI is conscionable 9 days aged and published from canonical and a "Long Term Support", this is unexpected.