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I person a website strategy utilized for business astatine work. I tin only entree this website from computers astatine work. When I cheque nan web settings via resolve.conf, location look to beryllium 2 IP addresses starting pinch 10... group pinch nan nameserver worth and 1 pinch nan domain hunt value.

I get "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" correction erstwhile I effort to unfastened nan website from my location computer.

As acold arsenic I understand, typical DNS servers person been group for nan computers astatine activity and I deliberation nan website I want to spell to is not resolved connected nan default DNS server connected my location machine and nan website does not open.

I tried 2 things to hole this problem but neither worked.

First, I changed nan DNS mounting of my location machine to nan DNS mounting of nan machine astatine work, but it did not work.

Secondly, I tried to unfastened nan IP reside of nan server straight to bypass nan DNS resolution, but it did not activity either.

What benignant of strategy is group up here? How tin I flooded this problem?