Why does Paraguay maintain a relationship with Taiwan if they can't compete against China in terms of checkbook diplomacy? | pressku.com

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Why does Paraguay support a narration pinch Taiwan if they can't compete against China successful position of checkbook diplomacy?


Many of nan nations that proceed to person charismatic diplomatic relations pinch Taiwan are successful Central America and nan Caribbean. Taiwan has antecedently offered subject exchanges and training arsenic good as economic assistance successful return but has much precocious had trouble competing with China's economical incentives and successful 2008 officially abandoned this "checkbook diplomacy". The remaining pro-Taiwan nations person been seen as waiting for amended Chinese offers.[2]

China tin springiness much economical incentives than Taiwan, which forced it to officially wantonness their checkbook diplomacy. As a result, location are very fewer states that admit Taiwan, fto unsocial person a negotiated narration pinch Taiwan, truthful I was wondering why Paraguay maintains a narration pinch Taiwan if it has very small economical incentives to do so.