Why does one Bluetooth adapter work on Ubuntu 22.04 without any hassle and the second one doesn’t work at all? How to fix the second one? | pressku.com

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I bought this adapter (Bluetooth v5.0 without antenna, model: Ugreen CM390): https://aliexpress.ru/item/32696756077.html?spm=a2g2w.orderdetail.0.0.279c4aa6DlokG9&sku_id=12000036022906650 This useful connected Ubuntu retired of nan box. I didn't instal anything. Maybe Ubuntu itself installed thing - for illustration Windows 10.

I bought this adapter (Bluetooth v5.4 pinch antenna, model: Ugreen CM749): https://aliexpress.ru/item/32696756077.html?spm=a2g2w.orderdetail.0.0.279c4aa6DlokG9&sku_id=12000036022906629 And I can't move it on.

Below is simply a screenshot of nan first Bluetooth adapter working. Everything useful great.

Screenshot of nan first Bluetooth adapter working

Below is simply a screenshot of nan 2nd Bluetooth adapter working. This does not work. Notice nan move astatine nan apical right. It is successful nan correct position, that is, Bluetooth is active. But it doesn't work. Screenshot of nan 2nd Bluetooth adapter working

On Windows 10 nan 2nd Bluetooth adapter useful fine. What do I request to do to get this to activity connected Ubuntu 22.04?