Why does cp, and nocache cp, clog up and slow down/freeze after 2-4 TB, but rsync is effective indefinitely? | pressku.com

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TLDR: is location a mounting I'm missing successful CP and nocache CP that frees up resources aft each record ??

I looked around, and publication that cp and nocache cp are MUCH faster, and usage much RAM alternatively of CPU, but not Why rsync holds a dependable assets usage, while some nocache cp and cp, slow eats much and much resources until it freezes. Even if it is utilizing RAM, why doesn't it free nan RAM/swap/cache successful betwixt files ? I only person 32GB of RAM and 64GB of swap; but moreover if I only transportation files that are 2-4 GB, and collectively 2-4TB, it still freezes.

I person assumptions and guesses, but those are bad, and I couldn't find an answer. It's astir apt evident to agelong clip users, but I'm beautiful new, and I don't want to guidelines my habits connected assumptions.

-Thanks up of time