Why are televised debates seen as essential for free democracies? | pressku.com

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A mates of questions were precocious posted astir this taxable successful nan discourse of Russia: Did Yeltsin participate successful general debates against different candidates for nan Russian presidency?

Is location immoderate precedent of nan Russian president skipping a statement during nan statesmanlike elections?

The (unstated) accusation of nan questions is that information successful debates is basal for populist to usability properly. But why is this nan case? The Presidents occupation does not impact going astir debating group connected unrecorded TV truthful this is simply a mediocre measurement of their early performance. CEOs of awesome corporations aren’t picked based disconnected their statement capacity truthful this is intelligibly not a modular for different areas of executive selection.

So what’s truthful typical astir debates? Why does it matter if a campaigner participates successful them?