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I americium successful nan creation shape of building an experimental DC electrical centrifugal that should activity based connected nan railgun principle. I judge that this type of centrifugal will work, however, I spot electrical arcing being a large rumor pinch this type of motor.

At this constituent successful time, I americium looking for suggestions connected what could beryllium done to minimize nan electrical arcing, aliases possibly destruct it if possible.

Below is simply a pasted sketch of nan railgun rule which I recovered connected Wikipedia's "Railgun" webpage:

enter image explanation here

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Railgun

Below is simply a drafting I created that shows nan moving rule of this experimental DC electrical motor:

enter image explanation here

I americium readying to make 2 semi-circle sections of ligament (aka 'rails'), utilizing 8-gauge coagulated halfway copper wire, and will group those wires into spot connected nan motor's frame. Then I will portion nan wire's insulation disconnected of those sections of wires.

Next, I will make a consecutive rod retired of 8-gauge ligament and will put that done a drilled spread successful a PVC tube which I will beryllium utilizing for nan rotor. This rod will beryllium fastened into spot pinch nan rotor utilizing a beardown adhesive. I will past portion disconnected a mini magnitude of nan wire's insulation connected each extremity of this rod.

When DC powerfulness is applied, nan rod should rotate astir successful a counter-clockwise guidance based connected nan railgun rule and it should frankincense rotate nan rotor. Also, polarity should not beryllium an rumor pinch this type of DC centrifugal because nan rod will still move successful a counter-clockwise guidance sloppy of nan guidance of nan electrical existent done nan 2 rails.

I judge location whitethorn beryllium a adjacent magnitude of electrical arcing betwixt nan 2 rails, and I deliberation location whitethorn besides beryllium immoderate arcing betwixt nan ends of nan rod and nan rails particularly erstwhile they are not making nonstop interaction pinch 1 another, specified arsenic complete nan 2 gaps betwixt nan rails arsenic shown successful nan drawing. So, I americium hoping that personification present connected Engineering.SE tin connection a proposal really I tin minizine this probable electrical arcing issue.

What would beryllium a measurement to minimize electrical arcing successful a DC electrical centrifugal that is based connected nan railgun principle?