What was (roughly) the frequency of official Hamas visits to Moscow during the Trump presidency?

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According to a mates of sources, top-level Hamas delegations visited Moscow astatine nan Russian government's invitation in March 2023 and in September 2022. The second of these sources surmises that Hamas leaders became alert that Russia paid much attraction to them successful caller years. There was besides a akin sojourn in March 2020, and perchance others. TASS besides reports (but somewhat strangely not citing charismatic Russian sources) that location akin visits successful May 2022 and successful December 2021. The wave appears to person been little astir a decade ago. A 2015 Reuters piece commenting connected a akin sojourn wrote

Meshaal, who is based successful Doha, past traveled to Moscow successful 2010, 4 years aft his first charismatic sojourn to nan Russian capital.

I'm curious: what was astir nan wave of Hamas visits to Moscow during nan Trump presidency?

(The logic why I'm asking is that Trump cut aid to Palestinians etc., which would person possibly fixed much of an opening to Moscow to workout much overt power there. Conversely, it's imaginable that nan wave of visits accrued aft nan full-scale warfare successful Ukraine started.)