What's the next Script/App/Library of the Month?

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Now that we person a Community Bulletin, we usage it to item questions (more precisely scripts/apps/libraries) which merit to beryllium highlighted. All we ♦ moderators request to do is slap a featured tag connected nan mobility and it will get immoderate other attention.

Our thought was to person a Script/App/Library of nan Month, not dissimilar Arqade has a Screenshot of nan Week and Photography had a Photo of nan Week. Since Stack Apps does not spot a batch of traffic, we thought a period would beryllium much appropriate.

Of course, we are not successful nan champion position to find which questions merit this honour, but we've provided an example. This is decidedly thing we should do together arsenic a community, and truthful we induce you to

  1. Submit scripts, apps and libraries you consciousness worthy of being featured arsenic answers to this question, preferably pinch a short motivation. Use nan pursuing format: [tag:script/app/library] ## [Name of script, app, aliases library](URL to Stack Apps post) Motivation for choosing this script, app, aliases library
  2. Vote connected different answers to this mobility to find if a script/app/library gets featured and successful which order.

Each month, we will characteristic nan mobility pinch nan highest voted reply that hasn't been featured yet. An reply needs to person affirmative people to suffice truthful that we cognize personification other than nan station writer finds it useful (enough to beryllium featured).

When we use aliases region nan featured tag, we will prevention nan mobility to nan Wayback Machine to sphere nan position count for analysis. Here are nan results aft a year:

Month Question Before After Views Remarks
February 2022 LegacyQuestions - Bringing backmost nan aged questions design 534 889* 355 (up to March 10th)
March 2022 Stack Exchange One-Click Reviews 147 188 41
April 2022 AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for SE 21291 21374* 83 (up to May 5th)
May 2022 Activity Indicator - spot if you participated successful a Q&A astatine a glance 92 143* 51 (up to June 16th)
June 2022 Non-English Language Question Analyser 266 304 38
July 2022 Restore syntax highlighting connected reappraisal and revision pages 111 147 36
August 2022 Custom Fonts User Script: Revert aliases Improve nan Font Updates 1249 1335* 86 (up to September 26th)
September 2022 Stack Exchange Global Flag Summary 1475 1526 51
October 2022 Stack Exchange Global Review Summary 237 268 31
November 2022 Stack Overflow Extras (SOX) 5755 5801 46
December 2022 Optionally Anonymised Short Links 74 111 37
January 2023 Stack Exchange Global Types - a type declaration package for world objects exposed by Stack Exchange 336 371 35

Not really spectacular, if you inquire me, but moreover 30 views is simply a bully boost for posts which different would get only half a twelve views (in a month). There's nary shortage of room successful nan Featured sidebar widget, truthful arsenic agelong arsenic absorbing posts support coming, we tin characteristic them. Eventually, we could determine to re-feature contenders which person already been featured ... fto america cognize what you deliberation successful nan comments.