What policies exist to help elderly homeless people with serious mental disabilities?

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I was astatine McDonald's past nighttime and saw this aged man sitting astatine a array alone, not eating. I watched arsenic he sewage up and scooted retired into nan parking batch connected his walker, looking astir each fewer moments confused. After watching him scoot astir aimlessly for a while, I decided to spell inquire if he needed immoderate help. He told maine he was hungry, past he sewage really upset, refusing nan nutrient I offered. He was intelligibly suffering from a intelligence disability. I (left him a container of nutrient contempt his refusal, and) called nan constabulary to cheque connected him.

Now I'm near wondering what happened. Assuming this was a bum man pinch superior intelligence disabilities, what would nan constabulary beryllium capable to do for him? Do immoderate societal policies beryllium for this situation? Was he apt questioned and near alone? Taken in, cared for via immoderate authorities program?

I unrecorded successful Louisiana, successful lawsuit that's pertinent.