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The caller mobility Why did it return truthful agelong for nan U.S. authorities to springiness Medicare nan powerfulness to discuss medicine supplier prices straight pinch supplier companies? reminded maine of nan aged play 8 Saturday Night Live skit Nukes successful Dunkerton

  • NBC video Saturday Night Live; Nukes successful Dunkerton (blocked successful my area but I deliberation this is simply a video of nan skit)
  • A section ordinance mandates that residents of a mini municipality (Gary Kroeger, Brad Hall, Julia Louis-Dreyfus) transportation atomic warheads astatine each times, but destructive weaponry doesn't deter an equipped robber (Joe Piscopo) holding up nan wide store.

Pharmaceutical industries (in nan US astatine least) are good known for having highly robust ineligible and trading teams pinch resources comparable to their existent R&D efforts.

Question: What leverage aliases speech devices do authorities agencies really person to discuss medicine supplier prices straight pinch supplier companies?

Do they frighten to not widen Medicare sum to a supplier unless its value is lowered? It seems if location were a little costs replacement they'd already beryllium buying that instead.

Anecdotally, I unrecorded successful Taiwan which has a very businesslike and very affordable nationalist wellness insurance. I return a pill that costs US $1.60 / time and person to spell extracurricular nan NHS drugstore to bargain it. Everyone thinks I'm crazy because "pills should costs $0.15 aliases $0.30 max". Basically nan NHS abhors thing that's not generic.

Clearly Medicare doesn't (yet) person nan aforesaid spartan cognition towards drugs, but what leverage do they person to get amended prices for those "fancy, store-bought" pills?