What is the purpose of springs in rotor's ventilator/fan

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In my lawmower's centrifugal integrative fan/ventilator connected rotor has surgery to fewer pieces 1 2

There are 2 mini springs successful fan's slots.

What is nan intent of these springs?

Are location immoderate standards for specified components?

Edit: This is really it looks for illustration successful moving motor: enter image explanation here

And successful my disassembling lawnmower immoderate years ago: enter image explanation here

Edit 2: Today I've sewage immoderate different surgery centrifugal (burnt winding) but pinch afloat operational instrumentality truthful I was capable to cheque it really it's working.

The simplest solutions are nan champion - this springs activity arsenic brake erstwhile centrifugal is nary longer supplied

Here are immoderate photos really instrumentality is mounted connected nan shaft and wherever are springs (bottom view): side position - transverse section

bottom view

Springs are mounted wrong instrumentality and tightly touch part of nan integrative connected nan apical of stator. When centrifugal starts spinning, centrifugal unit "pushes" springs extracurricular of stator truthful location is nary sliding. When centrifugal losts supply, rotor spins slower and springs commencement sliding of nan integrative which stops rotor overmuch faster than without it. Thanks to that we don't request to hold eternity to unfastened handbasket and propulsion grass.

Due to clash betwixt metallic and plastic, it heats up and melts integrative connected stator. I saw galore mini melted pieces astir spot wherever springs slide, truthful possibly my instrumentality was destroyed by immoderate bigger fragments of specified melted pieces... I deliberation shaper should put of nan stator immoderate rubber aliases immoderate further worldly betwixt integrative and springs.

Anyway nan taxable tin beryllium closed. If you would person immoderate much comments, consciousness free to constitute :)